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Gait Analysis Kit

Gait Analysis Quick Start Kit.
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Manufacturer: Medical Motion

Gait Kits – designed to assist your practice in performing Gait Analysis for your clients.

You currently own the Pro Trainer Software program, and you see the NEED to provide your clients with a complete GAIT ANALYSIS.

So, where to start in the process? Right here!

Medical Motion introduces the “Gait Analysis Kit” – combining the components you need to create an effective and efficient Gait Analysis Program.

Whether you are just starting your Running/Gait Analysis Program or want to upgrade the tools you use to enhance your program, we have the solution for your needs!

The base system includes the following:

Running Gait Analysis Program DVD has been created to provide the tools and information needed to conduct a detailed assessment of the running stride. For full information, and a Virtual Tour of the DVD, - CLICK HERE!

Reflective Markers Kit – used for accurate measurement of joints and limb positions; better visualization of body segment rotations. Includes reusable spherical markers; double-sided adhesive stickers and Marker Placement Guide.

Calibration Chart – Base Kit includes the Wall Calibration Chart (select from Blue or Grey background).  Replace it with the Portable Calibration Chart as an option.  For maximum efficiency, we recommend two (2) charts (for recording from the side and the back). 

Calibration Chart includes your logo, at no additional charge, great for marketing your facility.


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