Interest in analyzing and correcting the running gait has grown significantly in recent years. Physical therapist sports practitioners, performance specialists, rehabilitation sports specialists, and coaches use this as an important tool for reducing the injury risks associated with running, improving running efficiency, and increasing overall performance in athletes and patients. Running, however, is an extremely complex activity. It involves hundreds of joints and muscles, and it requires a deep understanding of how these structures contribute to movement while developing effective correctional programs.

Our Running Gait Analysis Interactive Learning Program was created specifically for this purpose. We put together an extremely detailed program that acquaints users with the information needed to conduct detailed assessments of the running stride. It contains informative research and clinically based documents, interactive training videos, and a sample running form video demonstrating common running gait abnormalities and inefficiencies. It’s a great introduction to the biomechanics of human movement.

gait1 gait2 gait3

This program provides:

  • A step-by-step written protocol for performing an optimal running gait analysis – including client interview, client preparation, camera set-up and positioning, and a systematic check sheet for video analysis
  • A clear understanding of what is considered to be normal movement of the body during running and the ability to define and describe the various phases of the running gait cycle
  • A comprehensive approach for identifying common running gait abnormalities through video analysis
  • 30 prepared video captures that demonstrate many common running gait errors
  • An understanding of the possible causes for each of the more common running gait abnormalities and why specific issues may contribute to injury occurrence or reduced performance (“drop foot” or “foot drop, ” however, indicates a complex problem)
  • A detailed description on how to analyze a runner’s used shoe and guidelines for making footwear recommendations based on video gait analysis results
  • Print-ready forms and check sheets designed to guide you through all the processes of a thorough running gait analysis
  • A comprehensive introduction to digital motion capture analysis; it’s a motion capture tutorial

Take the Running Gait Virtual Tour for a walk-through of everything on this DVD. Click here.

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