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McChord Air Force Base, WA
"We are currently using the Medical Motion portable system in several ways:

  • To observe active abnormal or weakened postural discrepancies in the upper and lower extremities
  • To analyze walking and running gait with and without shoes on a treadmill
  • To analyze functional movements such as various mobility activities, squats, one legged step ups, and two/one - legged hopping

These motions are filmed from the front, side and back so we can view all sides on video in extra slow motion. A PT can examine an individual using a typical ROM exam but this type of exam does not reveal how the supporting muscles contribute to the troubled area. In using motion analysis equipment, we are better able to identify active movement disorders. 

Some injuries are straight forward, such as a person falling and separating a shoulder, but most injuries we deal with are chronic injuries are more complex in cause.

We find that people are usually suffering from a multiple of issues, such as low back pain with glute/hamstring and illiotibial band weakness. Because their back hurts they shift their weight differently but this leads to lower leg/knee pain because the glutes and hamstrings cannot support the weight shift and it has to transfer to another area. Filming a person in motion reveals the weakness in supporting areas quickly and allows us to develop an effective approach to correct the problem."

Patrick T. Conway, MS
Fitness Program Manager 
McChord AFB, WA

NRH Regional Rehab, MD
“We are currently using the Medical Motion portable motion analysis system for running gait analysis, golf swing analysis, and landing technique analysis (as part of an ACL injury prevention program).

So far, we have found the use of motion analysis equipment to be invaluable. The ability to give patient's immediate visual feedback of mechanics at a higher level than they have ever been assessed with is very powerful.

We chose the Medical Motion product because it was the most cost-effective and easy to use system available.  We also love the split screen software feature.  It lets us make quick accurate comparisons, such as whether an orthotic corrects the over-pronation it is intended to.  It also allows us observe if there is a change in mechanics after receiving therapy for awhile (before and after snapshots to confirm the patient's program has been effective).”

Josh Billings, MPT 
Clinic Director 
NRH Regional Rehab at Wilkens Ave.

Harborview Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy

Foot and Ankle Specialists, PLLC, UT
“I am currently using a Medical Motion Portable Motion Analysis system primarily for clinical and surgical patients suffering from lower extremity, specifically foot and ankle, biomechanical and structural abnormalities. More specifically, I use motion analysis for:

  • Clinical gait analysis (both running and walking) to determine the inter-relationship between foot and ankle biomechanics and more proximal limb segment function.
  • Surgical patient evaluations pre and post-op to determine improvements to their gait patterns, alterations during recovery, and to aid in specializing therapy to improve overall outcomes. Therapy is adapted and individualized based on the information obtained
  • Static postural analysis Bike fitting and cycling biomechanical analysis in conjunction with a physical therapist

I chose Medical Motion for my gait analysis system based on several factors, including: multi-camera capability, drawing tools, overlay capability, cost, and customer service.  Of these, I have been most pleased with the latter, customer service, since purchasing my system.

Trevor R. Williams, D.P.M. 
Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Foot and Ankle Specialists, PLLC

“The Tech Shop”, Calgary AB, Canada
“I have been using the Sports Motion system in my specialty running store for a couple of months now and it has really put us ahead of the curve! Our customers have more confidence in the services we provide and it definitely makes it easier for us to fit footwear more objectively.

The system is easy to use and train staff on. The part I like the most is you can customize it for your particular application, including and not limited to the terminology in the software.

Overall Sports Motion has helped increase business and has allowed us to acquire customers that we may not have prior to using it.”

Nolan Tudor, Manager "The Tech Shop" Alberta, Canada

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