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Your Eyes are Not Enough

If you're a doctor, occupational therapist, physical therapist, trainer or any professional involved with human motion studies then you need to accept the fact that your eyes and brain cannot process information fast enough to see all the details of human body movement. Even as trained researchers or medical professionals, we cannot possibly see everything that happens with the human body as it goes through rapid and complex movements produced during motion activity.

We watch patients over and over attempting to see underlying problems with their motion but often we really can't know for sure what's going wrong, so we resort to trial-and-error to find solutions. Is there an alternative? Well, thanks to the innovations at Medical Motion, there is an alternative.

Motion Analysis the Right Way

SMI recognized the need for video motion technology in sports medicine and physical therapy so we brought together the expertise necessary for building effective and affordable motion analysis products. Since we began back in 2001, we have focused on developing leading-edge motion analysis systems that employ the right equipment for the right job. To be done correctly motion analysis requires expertise in areas of video software, computer hardware, camera equipment and photography. Few people (or even companies for that matter) have the necessary expertise in all these areas to really do motion analysis effectively. We have that expertise.

We custom-design systems for our clients that take every variable of their application into consideration. When it comes to critical components like video cameras, for example, there are only a few that are acceptable for true motion processing. Picking the wrong equipment spells disaster in this business and horror stories abound for those who insist on trying it themselves. For example, the latest DVD and HD camcorders, although impressive, are not the best for freeze-frame analysis. Why? First, they do not have real-time video streaming that can be captured by a PC. Secondly, they utilize aggressive video compression which strips out critical frame detail.

Your eye can't detect it when played at full speed but when analyzing individual frames, the loss in detail will become apparent. Many of our current clients have come to us in desperation after having tried to do it themselves or after spending thousands of dollars on the wrong products.

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